Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center Fundraising

15 Dec

The Winterfest art and craft show on Anna Maria Island provides a venue not only for local and visiting artists, but also an opportunity for the Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center in Bradenton Beach to present their rehabilitated birds to the public and show their huge efforts in helping local wildlife.

Many wild animals of all species are brought to this privately run and funded center for treatment of injuries and abandonment. Most are released back into the wild but some that are no longer capable of fending for themselves remain at the center for long-term care.

Wildlife rescue work is extremely time consuming, and can be dangerous. The people who do it are to be admired and thanked. And since they often spend their own money as well as their time in this work, monetary contributions are a great help to them as they receive no funding from local, state, or federal government sources or national wildlife organizations.

The Wildlife Center can be reached at 941-778-6324


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