Responsible Safe Sensible

6 Mar

Signs have proliferated on Anna Maria Island to the point of being eyesores. With so much distraction by sign clutter we naturally filter out the noise of modern living’s message bombardment, so much so that the signal is lost as well. Have we become blind to signs, don’t understand them, or intentionally ignore them?

Recent attempts to sign away problems of congestion have been ineffective: an uncomfortable speed bump installed on Key Royal Drive has been removed; stop signs in the middle of the road at crosswalks confuse drivers and have been run down; a 4-way stop at Magnolia Ave is ignored and caused more traffic backups; parking restrictions are ignored and not enforced.

No matter how much information is conveyed by signage the messages are not getting through. Repeating the same action and expecting a different result is, well, idiotic. Imagine if there were no signs at all. Do you think people would wonder what is the appropriate and responsible action? When signs say what you are not permitted to do, everything else must be OK, whether or not it is considerate or irresponsible.

A universal sign worth remembering is “Don’t do to others what you don’t want done to yourself”. It applies to excessive speed, parking, littering, noise and interactions. And it hasn’t changed in thousands of years.


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